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S.T.D. - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC


  • S.T.D. is a new super-group featuring Cecil Sinclair (S), Jason Trachtenburg (T), and Matt Dallow (D) – a revolutionary, multi-media, educational film-strip, musical comedy extravaganza. S.T.D. takes found classroom educational film-strips from 1978-1984, and comically expose conformity, classism, consumerism and general mind control propagated through the public school systems, through their own materials.

    Artist Bios:

    Cecil Sinclair is the comedy partner of Carla Rhodes, N.Y.C.’s leading rock and roll ventriloquist. She has appeared in countless magazines and nightclubs.

    Jason Trachtenburg has been instrumental in multi-media as “The Dad” in the long running Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, appearing on “Late Nite w/ Conan O’Brien” and a multi-Edinburgh Festival Fringe Award Winner and TED Presenter. His current big-band is The Pendulum Swings.

    Matt Dallow is in almost every band in N.Y.C., and is in very high demand as an accordionist and vaudeville performer. He leads the band “Amore Obscure.”

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