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ReVerse Bullets - "Drapetomania!" - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC

ReVerse Bullets – “Drapetomania!”

  • The debut DVD/CD and live performance ʺDrapetomania!ʺ by ReVerse Bullets is an interweaving audiovisual suite of seven video-songs representative of modern institutions used to control the illusion of existence  – technology and paranoia in Intro(version), pharmaceutical drugs and fast food in Drugs R Like That, pornography and media created sex symbols in Per(version), and nationalist expansionism in Pale Castle.  Individually, the video-songs are compelling short-form video essays disguised as music videos; though, as a whole, they illustrate the frustration and dissonance of finding a peaceful existence The ReVerse Bullets aesthetic is that through subversion and noise, questions and demands, evolution leaps forward.

    Twisted samples of capitalist, western & religious propaganda collide with the band’s electronic cum noise funk and dialectic imagery to create a sensory experience that is part multimedia essay, improvisational electronica, performance art and rock concert.  The musical element of ReVerse Bullets emerges within the same circumstances as the visual aesthetics – a delicate, yet sometimes violent collision to create new form. In the same way that ReVerse Bullets’ material is a collision of familiar material re-contextualized,  the RB live experience is no different – members float amongst the instruments, trading and abandoning, improvising upon the established melodic boundaries and challenging one another to create new means to the same ends – chaos to order and dissonance to understanding.

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