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Archet-Hip-Hop: The Greek Theatre in Remix - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC

Archet-Hip-Hop: The Greek Theatre in Remix

  • The Greek Theatre Meets Contemporary Arts: theatre, cinema, music, and dance mixed all together on the same stage, to give life to a new language.

    The Greek Theatre In Remix: MEDEA By Euripides Through The Lens Of Pasolini
    Pierpaolo Pasolini was an artist of eclectic, fascinating, and intense works. He picked the Greek tragedy written by Euripides as the starting point for interpreting the complexity of the modern society of the 20st century, and he chose new languages and mythology as the essential elements to represent modernity.  Medea undoubtedly is the most radical of his films inspired to Greek tragedy. In it Pasolini tried to create a timeless mythological language, almost dreamlike.

    The performance
    MAshRome wants to realize a new work revisited in a Remix version. “ARCHET-HIP-HOP : THE GREEK THEATRE IN REMIX” is an experimental work: cinema and theatre will tell the story of Medea on the stage and on the screen: the audiovisual screening  live together with the theatre act performance.

    The  event is composed by 4 chapters taken from the Greek Tragedy “Medea” in the cinema version of the Italian director and poet Pierpaolo Pasolini with no audio and no subtitles.  Each chapter  will be the reference for the artists on stage and will lead the viewers in a different world, where languages, times, arts, and music genres, coexist in a skillful mix.   While the images are shown, with no audio nor subtitles, some keywords will appear like the former descriptions of mute films.

    On stage, dancers (representing the Greek Chorus) will dance in a urban/street style, showcasing the connection between urban life and the temper of the heroine of the tragedy, thus underlining her internal conflict through the contrast with the city.

    Festival info:
    Mash Rome Film Fest - www.mashrome.org - info@mashrome.org- skype: MAshRome Film Fest

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