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Special Events Archives - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC

Special Events


The Best of MAshRome

The MAshRome Film Festival is the first Italian festival dedicated entirely to mashup. It’s aim is to discover new filmmakers who, through remix and experimentation with genres and styles, discover new trends of contemporary artistic expression.

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San Francisco Mixtape Society

The San Francisco Mixtape Society is an event dedicated to the friendly art of making and exchanging music mixes. Everyone is invited to assemble a mix tape, mix CD or mix USB stick according to the theme.

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  Max Clarke

Authoritarian Idol 2012

Maxx Klaxon’s AUTHORITARIAN IDOL 2012 is a multimedia mashup of pop, politics, and performance art, remixing the words and images of presidential candidates and exploring the collision of democracy and media spectacle.

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Where Classics and Cartoons Collide

Comic book artist R. Sikoryak will present a reading and slide show from his book, Masterpiece Comics (Drawn and Quarterly), “Where Classics and Cartoons Collide”. His comics adapt literary classics in the styles of famous cartoons. He will also perform one of his live action paintings.

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  medea x archet-hip-hop

Archet-Hip-Hop: The Greek Theatre in Remix

THE GREEK THEATRE MEETS CONTEMPORARY ARTS: theatre, cinema, music, and dance mixed all together on the same stage, to give life to a new language.

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