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Film/Video Archives - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC



The Best of MAshRome

The MAshRome Film Festival is the first Italian festival dedicated entirely to mashup. It’s aim is to discover new filmmakers who, through remix and experimentation with genres and styles, discover new trends of contemporary artistic expression.

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Cabbagemincer has an exquisite taste. He knows a lot about how to shred a cabbage. In addition he is a great admirer of the beauty of female feet.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood follows a vixen draped in red on her journey to find the wolf of lore through self-exploration.

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Joan in the rain

  • Written by chrisg
  • October 24, 2012 at 12:13 am
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Video made for the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc (museum exhibit 2012). It’s a poem, a reflection, a dream and a nightmare; a colorful dynamic mix of various ‘Joan of Arc’ feature films from 1916 to 1999.

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  User-generated Content Analysis Series

User-generated Content Analysis Series

Episode 1: Uterus and pointy accessories: heels, make up, fetish objects… Episode 2: Bodies and letters: slaves, fashion, tattoos… Episode 3: Agony and hair: hair dye, waxing, wigs… User-generated Content Analysis episodes assume the naïve perspective of a future academic who tries to make sense and contextualize contemporary and historical human practices of cosmetics and […]

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‘Retrocognition’ is simultaneously a filmic archeology and a social critique.   The film re-contextualizes found assets and animated techniques into a decaying narrative that critiques the meme of the “nuclear family” found in sitcoms. By exploiting the lingering residue of found assets and spectator expectations of animations, cartoons, and sitcoms, ‘Retrocognition’ discovers unconscious intent and cultural […]

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Radioactive City

ʺRadioactive Cityʺ (2011) is a diaristic and experimental documentary about Los Angeles during the spring and summer of 2011

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  Donald Duck and Glenn Beck

Mickey Mouse Discovers the Government Cartoon

Two years ago Jonathan McIntosh made a remix video called “Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck,” which casts Donald as a downtrodden everyman who gets seduced by Beck’s poisonous rhetoric. Shortly after the remix went viral, Beck himself decided to hit the airwaves and condemn the video as a government-funded attack. Beck’s response was too insane to ignore, so Martin Leduc took the tirade and remixed it into yet another Disney video, this time starring a very distraught Mickey Mouse.

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Frankie is NOT a punk rocker…
Frank Sinatra swallowed up by a TV whirlpool mash up

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  medea x archet-hip-hop

Archet-Hip-Hop: The Greek Theatre in Remix

THE GREEK THEATRE MEETS CONTEMPORARY ARTS: theatre, cinema, music, and dance mixed all together on the same stage, to give life to a new language.

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