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Ongoing Exhibits - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC

Ongoing Exhibits

    • ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡

      ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡ 

      Upper Level. A gaming-structure that constructs itself by occupying different spaces, streets, galleries & more. Also, via some specific blinking interactions. The project constructs itself in real-time, according to its environment.

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    • Mark Street - Lightbox Collages

      Mark Street – Lightbox Collages 

      Cafe: These lightbox collages use an array of translucent materials– 35mm film, old filmstrips, hand painted slides, photographs printed as slides. Images are cut and glued in various combinations in an attempt to shadow proto cinematic investigations.

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    • Biutifool Beastard

      Biutifool Beastard 

      Cafe Biutifool Beastard is a Bmx pirate and a visual mash up artist restyling and remixing the works of the Great Masters of history of art.

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    • QR.TV


      Upper Level Entering the shrine we stand in front of an iconoclastic totem of cosmic marketisation: an anachronistic stack of five cathode ray tube TV sets, representing the five elements that constitute the classical taxonomy of the cosmos.

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    • A People to Come

      A People to Come 

      Cafe Artistic Performance, Amateur Boxing, and “A People to Come” is a 20-minute documentary that combines original and sourced footage, artwork, art theory, and amateur boxing.

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    • User-generated Content Analysis Series

      User-generated Content Analysis Series 

      Cafe This video series assumes the naïve perspective of a future academic who tries to make sense and contextualize contemporary and historical human practices of cosmetics and fashion, treating YouTube videos or Flickr images as anthropological research data.

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    • Gremlin Warning

      Gremlin Warning 

      Throughout This short audio/visual announcement reminds audiences to turn off their mobile devices in a nontraditional manner. It playfully reframes this tired old plea for public courtesy within a research narrative about “gremlins,” or sonic artifacts produced by electromagnetic activity.

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    • Lambeaux


      the television stream is taken as raw material, a material lacerated by a process of motion capture which extract in real time all the pixel that have changed during the broadcast. Those fragments are captured and recast, in a spatial-temporal way, on a twenty-four images loop.

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