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Biutifool Beastard - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC

Biutifool Beastard

Biutifool Beastard is a Bmx pirate and a visual mash up artist restyling and remixing the works of the Great Masters of history of art. He makes his works slicing ʺmasteryʺ paintings using his left hooked hand and then re-arranging his favourite bits all together. Doing so, he aims to create new works with new bizarre (off the wall) but in topic storylines with a freaky fancy look and a more catching visual ʺlanguageʺ … remix to create new stories based on and inspired by old stories, to extrapolate the subjects of the paintings from their original past contexts and to throw them into new comical, grottesque, eccentric contemporary scenarios.

Characters from old times meet characters from modern times and everything is possible and everything can happen like Dominque Ingres falling in love with Barbie or Serge Gainsbourg playing songs in Manet’s favourite brothel.
Biutifool Beastard pays tribute to the great masters but also he mocks them, he is a prankster and an unusual erudite chap.  His mission is to make the so called ʺhighʺ art/culture more accessible for everybody, to tickle the curiosity of the indifferent, often excluded and distant public. He believes that all depends about how art is shown to people to pick their attentions and to drive them towards unexplored fields and previously undesired or obscured facts. Art is made by people. Knowledge is made by people.

Culture is made by people, REMIXING FOR THE PEOPLE! Unfortunately life is not easy for our dear friend. Biutifool Beastard respects the works of his fellow colleagues and he wishes to preserve the original paintings, he is not a vandal neither a thief. He would love to ask the permission directly to the artists but sadly they are all dead. So he uses duplications of works. Unfortunately some ʺcopiesʺ are protected by exclusive rights owned either by private corporations or by public/private institutions and he hasn’t got neither a cent to pay for obtaining the legal use of them, neither he has the will of doing so. Art is made by people for the people. The present is built on the past and the past can’t be priced forever. To price images, aswell as to price sounds, videos and texts, is to price knowledge and to price knowledge is not just about making it elitist but it’s also an attempt to control knowledge, to control culture. Biutifool Beastard believes that freeing arts from ʺthe all rights reservedʺ helps the spreading of informations and notions and culture globally and also enriches the collective imaginary expanding its boundaries resulting in a consequent improvement of people’s life style making them more serene and happy. Biutifool Beastard is a support campaing for the use of digital medias and the use of remix techniques into the making of art.

It is also a support campaing for the Creative Commons and Copyleft licences in terms of protection of intellectual rights in matters of the creations of images, sounds, videos, texts. It is a support campaing for free culture and  the freedom of sharing contents and informations without the control by corporations and private or public institution.

Biutifool Beastard’s website

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