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3rd Annual RE/Mixed Media Festival: November 10, 2012 - RE/Mixed Media Festival IV: April 2014 NYC

3rd Annual RE/Mixed Media Festival: November 10, 2012

The RE/Mixed Media Festival is a celebration of collaborative art-making and creative appropriation. It’s the artists’ contribution to the ongoing conversation about remixing, mashups, copyright law, fair use, and the freedom of artists to access their culture in order to add to and build upon it.

Featuring: Performances, panel discussions, hip-hop, sampling, beat-box, film & video, fashion, food, DJs, technology, interactive installations, painting, sculpture, software, hacking, and much more!


Moby 2010

The first festival in 2010 was a huge success where over 1,800 festival goers enjoyed appearances by Moby, Steinski, Ricky Powell, Sweatshoppe, Deanna Zandt, Jesper Juul, and over 50 other artists, performers, musicians and DJs!

In 2011, the festival’s artistic advisory board – which includes Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky), Elisa Kreisinger, Josephine Dorado, Christopher Weingarten, Noah Tarnow and others – helped us put together a day of truly top-notch art and performance, including.

– “64″ – a multimedia mindscape in which painting, performance, music, film, and sound art combined to form a unique multi-disciplinary experience.

– Film and video mashups and remixes curated by one of the artistic leaders of the field

– A critical panel discussion on sampling and Hip Hop culture featuring legendary hip hop artists, writers, critics, and DJ’s

– An interactive Art & Technology exhibit with artist talks & demonstrations/workshops in creating interactive art using MS Kinect and more!


Metermaids 2011

– A live game show that will challenge your knowledge of remix culture and other critical issues.

Some of our past collaborating organizations have included Open Video Alliance, Creative Commons, Participatory Culture Foundation, Organization for Transformative Works, Question Copyright and Public Knowledge.

In 2012, we’re looking to build on past successes, and put on a festival like no other.

2012 Executive Production Team:  Tom Tenney, Robert Prichard, Marie Mundaca, Stephanie Corleto, Elena Gargani.


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